TOPOGRAPHICAL CHINESE FOLDING FAN, PAPER AND SILK PRINTED DOUBLE LEAF. ONLY THE CARTOUCHE AND THE RED PARTS ARE HAND RE-PAINTED. LACQUERED BAMBOO STICKS. THE CONSTRUCTION REPRESENTED IS THE BAUDAI BRIDGE: Also known as "Long Bridge", Baodai Bridge is located at the bank of Grand Canal of China in Wuzhong District of Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province. It is one of the "Ten Famous Bridges in China" together with Anji Bridge in Zhaozhou, Lugouqiao Bridge in Beijing and other renowned bridges. Baodai Bridge is the longest multi-hole stone bridge among the existing ancient bridges in China.Having a history of up to a thousand years, Baodai Bridge was originally built in the Tang Dynasty and was rebuilt by later generations for many times. It was built into a 53-hole stone arch bridge in the Ming Dynasty, while the existing bridge was reconstructed in the Qing Dynasty (1872 A.D.). In 1956, it was repaired to obtain its original appearance.Being completely made of stone, Baodai Bridge has an expansive and even bridge surface, with the overall length as 317meters, the width as 4.1meters, and the lower structure being linked by 53 holes. Both ends of the bridge are of trump-shape and respectively fitted with a pair of martial bluestone lions. On the northern side of the bridge stand a stone-tablet pavilion and a stone pagoda. The stone pagoda is 4 meters in height and is made by carving the entire block of bluestone, with the square pedestal being carved with wave and dragon veins. we can see also many red flags waving on the banks. i think the fan is also commemorative of some demonstration for the birth of the chinese communist party. 1925/30. cm. 23,5. max spread cm. 41. sticks 18+2.