TWO FAN PROJECTS DEPICTING A WOMAN WHO IS SPINNING THREAD AND ONE WHO IS MAKING BOBBIN LACE. THEY ARE TWO ORIGINAL LYTHOGRAPHS SIGNED "PRIVAT LIVEMONT" AND DATED 1899. THEY ARE IN THEIR MAHOGANY ORIGINAL FRAMES, MANUFACTURED BY H. AERTS ET FILS - JXELLES. Privat Livemont was born in 1861 at Schaerbeek, Belgium. In 1883 he transfers to Paris, to come back to his city of origin in 1889, where he gets a place of teacher at the Industrial Institute in 1891. At the same time he continues his artistic career. He was known for his posters, the illustrations and the mural decorations. He was less known but not less important than A. Mucha. CM 15,5 x 41 THE LEAF. CM.L 44 X 64,5 THE FRAME.