I found these sites very interesting.





Fan Association of North America
Fan Circle International
The Collectors Weekly

DUVELLEROY's rebirth

Fan museum

Museo Piraino
M. ROCCO NORMANNO's official website

The very interesting web page of MM

A Parisien friend, dealer in antiques

Antique fans
Georgina Letourmy's eventails

For fans lovers
Betsy Smith: professional hand fan restoration

A young and connoisseur German collector

Eva Nina's fans collection

A fan collector's website
Gloria's fans
Mariella's fans
Gabriella's ancient fans

The most complete and deepened site on the web
A cool breeze
Belgian fan restorers
Optical fans

English fan-makers and restorers

Artists and fans creators
The portal of art and restoration
Exclusive laces

SÚverine's atÚlier of antique accessories

When the photo becomes art - 1
when the photo becomes art - 2

Travelling around the world by Marco Cavallini

A really well-done site about collecting

Collecting on line
 Collezionaretutto collecting everything

The magazine of the receiving art and well life
"L'antico e il prezioso" - National Antique Market

ISHIZUMI website

Mario' Sphynx